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Presto: the current use of Opera's core, the core of Opera7 in 2003 for the first time used, which is the rendering engine characteristics to optimize the speed to reach the extreme, and is currently recognized as the fastest Web browser within the browser Nuclear, but the price is at the expense of the compatibility of the page.

  • Opera


Webkit: Apple Computer's Safari browser used by the kernel. Webkit engine contains WebCore and JavaScriptCore engine layout analysis engine, both from KDE's KHTML and KJS engine derived, they are free software, under the authorization of the treaty in the GPL, while support for the BSD systems. Therefore, Webkit is also free software, developed at the same time the source code. In the area of security is not IE, Firefox constraints, the Safari browser at home or very safe. Google's current browser Chrome is also used in the core.

  • Safari
  • Chrome




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